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Obviously, I am your new favorite photographer, but what else is there to me?? Great question. I'm just a girl with a wild personality that loves to dance (really terribly) to anything with a good beat. I'm also a mom to the cutest toddler you ever did see and a wife to the cutest man you ever did see ;-) 

I am Mahalia

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Mahalia was hands down the BEST investment of our wedding! She works so hard to get all of the shots, and she does not disappoint! She is such a beautiful soul, and you do not have to worry about anything with her. Our engagement photo shoot was on of the best experiences we have ever had, and the photos came out amazing. I was worried that I would not like the way I looked in both our engagement and wedding photos, but Mahalia has a special talent for really capturing your happiness in her photos, and I ended up falling in love with every one she has given us! I highly recommend you snag her for your wedding before someone else does!

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The Experience

Some of my personal favorites. From belly laughs and heartfelt tears to some of life's most inmate moments. Pictures really do tell a thousand words. Come feel allllll the feels. 

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