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Mt. Lemmon Adventurous Couple Session | Patricia + Andrew | Tucson, AZ

Adventurous Couple on Mt. Lemmon looking opposite ways in Tucson Arizona

Okay, so waking up at 3 AM may not be for me, but this was absolutely worth it. I drove up Mt. Lemmon before the sun. The city lights were still the only thing you could see over the edge of the mountain; it was daunting. Once the sun started peaking over the horizon I was in awe. I am not joking. I have chills right now just thinking about it and remembering how I felt that chilly morning.

This session was an absolute game changer for me. I am ADDICTED to these pictures from my session with Patricia and Andrew. They are actually my dream couple I think. I remember reading their questionnaire when I was preparing for their session and reading things that they like to do together like work out, get brunch, and COORDINATE OUTFITS. I am actually in love with them.

We had to postpone our original session by a couple weeks because we had originally planned to go to the Mongollon Rim in-between Payson and Heber, Arizona. (RIP) Apparently, this time of year the roads are all closed due to snow. I had NO CLUE. So thank GOD I checked and Patricia and Andrew realized that snow just was not apart of their vision. So, we moved our session and changed the location. Little did we know, Mt. Lemmon ALSO had snow hahaha. But we had no clue because we woke up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Tucson and beat the sunrise. We drove up the mountain in the dark and didn’t realize there was snow until the sun peaked over the mountains. Snow or not, these pictures are D R E A M Y.

You have to take a few minutes to scroll through these. They are so freaking beautiful and their outfits are ON POINT. I am sooo excited to share these with you. Please, don’t let use waking up at 3 AM to drive to take these be in vain. Drool over these with me. Love you two forever and ever. Let’s do it again sometime :,-)

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