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Mt. Lemmon Adventurous Couple Session | Tucson, Arizona

couple sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the road on Mt Lemmon in Tucson Arizona

Tess + Daniel just celebrated their 2 year anniversary. I feel so lucky to have been there to celebrate with them and capture just a tiny glimpse of their love story. I’m so glad I finally made it to Tucson to meet them.

Daniel was just a dream boyfriend to her. He held her purse when we walked to different spots and made she she made it safely up the rocks. He even sat down first when I asked them to sit at the edge of the cliff and the. helped her sit down. So basically, I was just crying the whole time (not for reals because that would’ve been awkward for them hahaha).

Anywho, these pictures are beautiful. Their love is fierce. Happy two years you two ❤️

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