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Lauren’s 70s style senior pictures | Starlite Motel | Mesa, Arizona

When Lauren, one of the sweetest souls ever, messaged me to take her senior pictures, I was STOKED. I took pictures back in January for her and her boyfriend, Nick. (You can see that gallery HERE). Then, she sent me her pinterest vision board of the shoot and I about fell over. She freaking wanted a to do a 70s themed senior shoot. I became even more excited just thinking of the possibilities. “If anyone could pull that off, it was her,” I thought. Honestly, I didn’t just think that. I told everyone in my family hahaha. AND BOY DID SHE DELIVER!!

We decided to go to a little motel in Mesa that has been around for a while, called the Starlite Motel. We may have gotten some weird looks, but it was sooo worth it. This little motel turned out to be the perfect spot for her pictures. Lauren picked out some very on theme outfits, complete with several thrifted pieces, sunglasses, and vintage sodas! I think she might be the thrifting queen. Her style is immaculate and so freaking stunning. She really always looks cute. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself 😉

Lauren plans to go to California for college. I cannot wait to watch her learn and grow in the coming years. She wants to study to become a doctor. Literally, she’s a genius. Lauren, if you’re reading this, I love you + you’re the bestest.

If you have a crazy fun idea that you want to bring to life, HIT ME UP!!! Being creative and getting out of the box is my JAM. I loved doing something different and not going to take pictures in the desert haha. Let’s make your wildest dreams come true! <3

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