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Gilbert, Arizona Wedding | The Cottage Wedding Venue | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Karli and Joey’s Gilbert, Arizona wedding was absolutely beautiful. It took place at a venue that I frequently shoot at and has become near to my heart: The Cottage Wedding Venue on Gilbert and Warner. These two lovebirds have such a sweet story. A story that is honestly really similar to my own, but this post isn’t about me, it’s about them! So I will save my story for another time.

Karli + Joey’s story

Joey and Karli met on tinder. Karli went out of her comfort zone and met him even though she had to drive pretty far to get to him. When they met, they hit it off and spent countless hours together from that moment on. They were a match made in heaven, quite literally. Their faith is a big part of their relationship and exactly who the other prayed for! Exactly who her family prayed for her to marry. Hearing them talk about this was so freaking sentimental, I was practically in tears during their toasts, as I am sure most of the guests were.

Karli and Joey chose to do a first look before their ceremony. We all know just how special a first look can be, but they took it one step farther by writing and reading each other letters during this time. We all dream if our future husband turning around and immediately crying as they see us, but usually that isn’t the reality for most of us. I even joked with Joey as I was prepping him for the first look. I said, “Okay, you stand here. And when Karli taps your shoulder, that is when you que the water works.” Little did I know that it is exactly what would end up happening and it was freaking beautiful. They clearly have soooo much love for each other. It wasn’t the last time that tears flowed that night. It was very obviously such a special day for these two.

I feel super grateful that I got to be apart of their day and that they trusted me to tell their love story. Here’s to you Joey and Karli. I cannot wait to see where your life together takes you!

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