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Intimate wedding in Queen Creek, Arizona | Jen + Steve | Arizona Wedding Photographer

“When a man finds a wife, he has found a treasure! For she is the gift of God to bring him joy and pleasure” -Proverbs 18:22

Yesterday Jen + Steve had a beautiful and intimate wedding at her parents home in Queen Creek, Arizona. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends to proclaim their love and commit themselves to each other right in the comfort of a family home

They were married by their pastor, Lyn, in a really unique ceremony. With their faith being at the forefront of their marriage, they had a prayer to begin the morning. There were lots of little things the pastor said and did that really set this wedding apart from the others. For example, when they exchanged the rings, the pastor had the giver slide the ring halfway up and the receiver pull it the rest of the way into place. This was really quite symbolic of the relationship being something that has to have two people. They didn’t have to do it alone, just as in their relationship. After they exchanged rings, Jen’s dad came up and gave them a beautiful blessing in support of their marriage and wishing them the best in life.

After Lyn pronounced them husband and wife, they signed their marriage certificate and ate some delicious cake! It really was the most sweet wedding.

Jen + Steve, I love you guys! You two truly are meant to be. I can see how you balance each other perfectly. Like Yin and Yang <3 Your wedding was absolutely perfect. I wish you two the best in life!

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  1. Dawn says:

    Absolutely beautiful Mr. & Mrs. Gregg!!

  2. Henry Williams says:

    Loved the event and these two never looked happier!

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