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Squaw Peak, Utah Engagement Session

One of my favorite sessions from 2021! I’m only slacking a little bit on posting this since it was almost a year ago now that I traveled to Utah! Posting this blog is making me want to go back ASAPPPP. Let’s be real though, I am constantly dreaming about going back to Provo. I am telling my husband like 3 times a week that we should move to Utah. And to be honest, he agrees with me every time hahaha. It was absolutely gorgeous there. The scenery is insane and you have so many options for photo’s just an hour or two in any direction. That state is truly insane. Sooooooo, if anyone wants to give me a reason to travel to Utah, I’d be on the next flight out of Sky Harbor. For reals, I am dreaming of a Salt Flats elopement or wedding. Or even a Little Sahara Sand Dune couple session. Doesn’t rolling around in the sand with me for a couple hours sound like the best way to spend your Saturday night? If I have peaked your interest, hit me up 😉

Enjoy these photos of Morgan + Karson. It wasn’t hard to photograph their love at all. They really are such a fun-loving couple and you wouldn’t even be able to tell that we were all freezin’ our asses off for these sunrise pictures. And they just welcomed a beautiful baby into this world. What a better time to show them off to the world <3

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