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remembering moments you were there for and the ones you missed

First things first, it is important to me that we are the right fit for each other. If you're here, that means you have connected to my work in some way. Having you trust me to capture your love story in a beautifully authentic way is the biggest compliment I could receive.

 As your photographer, my goal is to create a unique experience that is worth the investment, rather than just some pretty pictures. In order for me to capture who you to really are together, I need your trust in me, my creative process, and in yourself. Read below about my why, what my photography style is, and what it isn't.

I believe that a picture can tell 1000 words if you are intentional. Telling a story is not carefully curating the perfect picture and placing every last strand of hair in it's proper place. Instead, I take a go with the flow approach where I capture things as they are happening. The the big, the small, and everything in-between. You’ve got to be okay with me capturing the messy, the perfect, the perfectly imperfect, what you remember, and what you missed. I'm there to freeze time when your dad lovingly kisses your cheek before the walk down the aisle, your hubby grabbing your butt, and your grandma shakin' it on the dance floor.

Photography as storytelling

What I believe 

As a storyteller, I will spend time before we ever meet getting to know you through questionnaires, emails, texts, etc. You will get to know me through client guides that I created just for you! That way when we meet, we can already feel like best friends. It's not unheard of for me to comment on your instagram posts, help you button up your dress, or hold a tent while you change your bra. I am not just a photographer, I am a friend by  the end. If you're just looking for somehow with a fancy camera who calls themselves a photographer, than I am not your girl, and that's OKAY!

Those looking for an incredible experience

My approach

I'm going to be here for you every step of the way. When I say I've got you, I MEAN IT. Need someone to hold your dress? Bring you coffee the day of? Give you a huge hug? Answer any questions you may have?? I'm here for you! I'm the photographer for the wild, the fun, and the truly in love. Want to get married in the middle of the desert? HECK YES!! In your backyard with your closest friends?? SIGN ME UP. Looking to adventure somewhere fun and whimsical for oyrur engagement photos? I'll bring the potato chips. Listen, I tuly am here to bring your vision to life and give you the best experience I possibly can. 

I'm here to serve you!

My heart

Weddings starting at $1600 for 6 hours
sessions starting at $280 for 1 hour

Here's what a typical investment looks like

No two love stories, couples, or adventures are identical. So, I always customize packages to what each couple needs. But, to start, I have some base packages that we can build off of. I have a pricing guide full of everything you need to know!


Our Story

You want photos that make you FEEL all of those same emotions even years later

You're not afraid of the wind blowing through the hair or your dress getting dirty

You have a go with the flow attitude and the courage to do things a little differently

You want to ditch the awkward poses and capture who you truly are together

We might be a good fit if...

Mahalia is super talented and the sweetest photographer you will ever meet! My shoot with her was both professional, and tons of fun! My pictures of my boyfriend and I turned out beautifully and Mahalia got them back to us quickly. I couldn’t be more in love with my photos! If you’re on the with Mahalia!!!!!

what clients are saying

After you've taken a look at this page, got an idea of how I work, and what a typical investment is, it's time to take the next steps. First, shoot my an email via the link below. I typically respond within 24 hours with an email that is jam packed with excitement AND everything you need to know + a more detailed pricing guide. ARE YOU READY TO PARTY??? BECAUSE I'M READY TO PARTY!!!!!!!

Ok, mahalia. where do i sign up??!!

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Not sure what to wear to your next couple session? I GOTCHU!

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